Thursday, March 20, 2014


pea facts: peacocks can fly, but only for very short distances. Peacocks will fly up into trees to escape predators. They will also fly into trees if they are looking for a place to roost for the night. Watching a peacock fly it almost looks like they are jumping and using their wings for a boost.

Monday, March 17, 2014


pea facts: Greek mythology describes how the peacock acquired the many eyes in his ornamental train. The goddess Hera had a beautiful priestess named Io. Io was greatly admired by Zeus. To protect her from Hera’s jealousy Zeus transformed Io into a heifer. Hera tricked Zeus into giving the heifer to her as a gift and set her faithful servant Argus to watch over her. Argus had numerous eyes all over his body, making him a natural choice for the assignment. Zeus sent the god Hermes to free Io from Hera’s watchman. Hermes charmed Argus to sleep until all of his eyes were closed and then killed him. To honor her faithful watchman, Hera took Argus’ eyes and placed them on the tail of the peacock.